Josh & Colleen Getting Divorced

Unfortunately Colleen Ballinger ( PyschoSoprano ) who also plays Miranda Sings & Joshua Evans (JoshuaDTV) are getting a divorce. I feel so bad for both of them. I made this edit of their wedding / divorce to capture the good moments and the things they said to each other at their wedding to maybe realize they need to work things out. I hope they are able to work things out before they make this final.

Colleen & Joshua got married on July 2 2015. Colleen said that it was the best day of their lives. Sadly now, the marriage will come to an end.

Joshua stated that the divorce was Colleens idea and that he wants no part of it. Colleen’s reasoning is that she feels they are both unhappy. Its sad because you can tell that Josh genuinely loves Colleen with everything.

I hope both of them are able to get through this since its going to be a really difficult time. Try not to pick sides!

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